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Memory Card Recovery

Memory Card Recovery is becoming a common requirement at Hampshire Data Recovery. They are now extremely popular as they allow for hundreds of digital images and videos to be stored on something that is not much larger than a postage stamp. Point, shoot and store memories, memories of days out, weddings, the kids, sporting events and holidays.

They are extremely lightweight and easily transferred from digital camera / camcorder to PC. With advances in flash based technology storage capacities are now exceeding previously standard sizes of 4GB-8GB and now have reached 32 and 64GB of storage.

These devices are however not without their drawbacks and the most common cause of failure for memory cards is either:

  • Physical damage - where the connectors or the card's internal PCB is bent / damaged
  • Internal chip failure - where power surge or wear causes the controller chip to fail.

In either case we are pretty confident we will be able to recover your digital photos and videos and restore them to you. We have unrivalled facilities in the flash recovery field and can boast recovery rates of over of 90%.

Regardless of how your card has failed we will be able to help with:

  • SDHC and SD Cards SD Memory Card
  • Compact Flash Cards
  • xD Cards (extreme digital)
  • Micro SD Cards

Due to their compact nature they can easily be posted to us for the recovery process to commence. We always advise the following:

  1. Wrap the card in some form of packing agent - bubble wrap or even tissue paper will do!
  2. Place the package into a padded jiffy bag or some other form of padded envelope.
  3. Always send via a traceable method such as Royal Mail Special / Recorded Delivery
  4. Email us for a shipping form or call now to receive a quote and  shipping form.

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